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Information for course "How to be a programmer"
General description: Introduction to the Programming Art. This series of Lessons give a broad overview of all the tasks that a programmer needs to do but are rarely discussed in a real course.
Objectives: To get a broad overview of the Programming art. To help you become a better programmer.
Language: English
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General description: This lesson is about the creation and use of Voicethread in English language classrooms.
Objectives: Instructors will gain competence in the creation and use of voicethread to foster second language learning.
Assessment: One quiz and a lesson plan with a completed Voicethread that is at least 5 pages in length.
Topics: comprehensible output, motivation, assessment
Resources: None - just a voicethread account
Other information: Successful completion before moving on to the next unit - Voxopop.
Learning method: Tutorial, project
Language: English
Professors: Default Professor
Total units: 1
Lesson content
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