"Teaching = Learning"                        Feb.   2011

I love teaching English!

Fellow EFL 2.0 Members,

So much to share!

So much that awaits as many prepare to start the new school semester/year.  I hope EFL Classroom will keep giving you lots of ideas, resources and possibility for your own classroom. Keep sharing / keep caring!    Best,

David         P.S. The open house ends soon!

Changes to EFL Classroom 2.0 - Please share / like! 

As you might already know, we now have the ability to "like" all videos / blogs and photos. Please let others know about this. Further - please visit the "What's Broken" topic and add what you'd like to see fixed or improved. I'm listening!   Also, Bookmark all your pages  by using the star button at the bottom of each page.

A couple members have contacted me about teaching / sharing with their classroom through EFL Classroom 2.0. See my explanation here. Many teachers are invisibly already doing it! All privately and securely. No ads and only the best content along with the teacher's assignments.

Video of the Month

So many of you "liked" - I've got a feeling Lindsay and her students did an amazing job! View many more doodle videos too! But this kids rap won big hands down.  Also big - Big Yellow Taxi karaoke, Stephen Krashen, Rules, rules, rules (a doodle video) and Remind Me .

View our whole directory of hundreds of THE BEST VIDEOS. Don't forget ourA/V Player and I'd also suggest our amazing   TED Talks player!

New and Recommended Resources

As always - New Elementary Resources!   Please check out our new  Grammar  page. Pronunciation is important and you can find lots to help you and your students HERE.  The Story page has been updated with a favorite Read along player!

Members have contributed many resources!  See the most recent here!  Highlights include Valentine's Day resources galore, Song lyric sheets, new Commericals in the Classroom resources.  

I take Teacher Professional Development seriously!  I've decided to share all my Teacher Training Presentations! Get them on the School of TEFL teacher's community and stay tuned for a BIG announcement of the certificate course I'll be teaching at the online school

The NEW English Central - A Must!

Eng. Central     English Central is an amazing tool and it keeps getting better.  I've played a part in it and will continue to help teachers use it, as it develops. See our discussion  for more info. or dive in   and start inviting your students today and using the tools to assess them.  Experiment on our own E.C. teacher's channel.  

I think all teachers should be using this!

Ongoing Discussions and Highlighted Blogs!

There are always ongoing  discussion and blogs on EFL Classroom.  Why not comment and share your own knowledge with others. Recent topics include: Will You Be My Valentine, Finding Private Students Just For The Laugh Of It and   Getting low level students interested    Many more HERE.

BLOGS continue to grow and we had over 50 blog posts this month. Please support them by giving them some comments and feedback!  Try Morgan's - Choose your own adventure  Roselink's - Drive - about motivation ,   Classroom Decoration  Website Reviews  All about ELT Twitter Chat or my own Viva La Textbook Revolucion

Also - a member request. Take one minute a fill out this survey about Fairy Tales.

WHY NOT START YOUR OWN BLOG TODAY?   - we have thousands of viewers daily.

Member of the Month and more...
  Sophie is a teacher from Quebec, Canada who has shared a variety of materials and ideas. Thank her for the Valentine's Ideas! Thank you Sophie .

The 22nd EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival 

   We will host the next ESL, EFL, ELL Blog Carnival. Stay tuned for an announcement about an exciting contest. In the meantime, submit your blog entry Here.

We'll be having lots of fun this time. Prizes galore.   View the last Blog Carnival HERE.

Here's what we did last time!                         


TEACH | LEARN - a student created content course book

Please support self publishing and help pay for EFL Classroom 2.0 (it costs a lot!).

The coursebook you can EDIT!  Plus a ppt of the whole book, 1,000s of multi media links, teacher's notes, fully printable and shareable. Also, blackline master extras to help all teachers.

Purchase here and see samples. Even a nice certificate for students.

Huffduffer - a world of educational podcasts

         I worked hard to amass An EFL Classroom Podcast library using Huffduffer. At the bottom of our main page, you'll also find it. Choose a tag and listen away! Like it? Get our smart Podcast player widget to put on your own webpage! Hours of quality lectures, interviews, discussions.   to find the BEST!

Help us find great websites!

         We have a wonderful Diigo Bookmarking Group. At the bottom of our main page, you'll see what members find across the universe. A great way to keep up with new websites that can help you and your students. Why not join us?  When you want to recommend a site, just add it to our diigo by using the Diigo toolbar and we'll all know about it! Also, use our complete list of categories of websites   to find the BEST!

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"By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn"