A Week In Nassau

Got here.

Raining pigs and elephants.


Lost a few thousand

in a few minutes

went outside

to clear my head and

bought a $25 ice cream cone.


Took the limo home

and chatted with the driver

about how cold it was – 14 degrees

they’d closed a school Freeport!

how life was so unfair

so shitty —

we laughed the whole way.


In the door.

Glass of water.

Crawled into bed

sick as a dog

— the FLU …..

Spent 5 days

in my room

rolling around, moaning

waiting for some brave sod

to come in

and put me down.


Nobody did so

I got up

went downstairs

and looked outside

at the emerald blue sky.

I couldn’t believe I was still here.


It was all worth it

this trip.

What doesn’t kill you

allows you

to do it all over again.

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