Archetypical Beauty

From where did your beauty come

before it was your own?

It must be archetypical

such beauty could not arise alone,

born on just any face.

Perhaps it was the same beauty

that did cast a thousand ships,

or maybe it was the beauty

some sought to contain in ancient crypts.

It could be the beauty

of an Eden far, far away,

set to life by angels

trumpeting its blessing, your birthday.

This could be the beauty

that made the first man blush,

that first primal beauty

the beat to which all winds rush.

Perhaps it is the bauty

which to the gods did solely belong,

until stolen by your innocence

while they sat passively, enchanted by your song.

Much I know not

but I do know this beauty was not before,

rising not from earthly mud

but made of timeless bud, pure to the core.

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