Ah! What I’d give
to live
just one day
unlike me, this shadow
that passes away
every way.

Ah! What I’d give
to live
firm and knowing
green and growing
part of the all that exists
a mother that licks
at her young
to live,
unlike the phantom I am
passing through
unable to do
any ONE thing
waiting for some bell
which never rings.


Ah! What I’d give
to live
one moment sure
an ounce of gold
separated, pure
weighty, always
able to endure
that which battles
to make all impure,
a golden sickness for which
there is no cure.


Ah! What I’d give
to live
what I am not.
To even be caught
a fly in the web
living out a destiny
that doesn’t ebb.
To be a fixed point
a rock, a bone
a man to who nothing
is on loan.


Ah! To live this.
What I’d give!
But I’ve nothing
but what IS.


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