Esoteric Erotica


I study

your pendulous breasts

two suns buoyant

pointing to fertile orb below.


I enter

through vallied loins

both phallus and heart

magnetized by sensual expectancy.


I leave

through tangled limbs

quiet in relief

washed by the breath of life.


I study

your twisted reclined mass

wondering if,

Joseph Mengele would see the same.



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4 Responses to “Esoteric Erotica”

  1. ellen

    I would not think of putting those two images together. Disturbingly, it works.

    David, do you ever think of writing poems from the female perspective? Not imaging what she must feel, but trying to do it from her point of view?

    Just kind of curious. It’s a challenge, for me, to even glimpse being male. I have to really try, and it seems like luck also has to help me along. Different than imaging how a man feels, that’s not so hard. But seeing the world, especially sexuality, through male eyes, trying to experience that in an (imagined, how else?) first hand way.

    Hope that makes sense! :D I think it is a worthwhile exercise. When I remember to consider it, I can see that I gained a lot of insight with a very few short glimpses. Mostly compassion, empathy? that I wouldn’t have reached by simply imagining how something feels to him. More like what it takes to be him.

    Maybe other people do not have trouble with this, or do not occupy themselves in these ways!

    For example, for a female, what it is like to always be the subject studied. To be the field, not the farmer. To be, so often, the one examined, not the examiner. Besides all the wonderful and powerful things that can be, can you see how that is also restrictive, and because males and females are equally human, difficult and frustrating?

    Anyway, no more to say :D

  2. admin


    I’m not so sure we can say it is only women who are examined, studied etc…. I think it runs both ways and maybe that might just be your own perspective/sight?

    However, as an exercise it might be worthwhile but I’m sure no poetry would come of it for me. I put myself in many different “personas” when I write but a woman / sex is one that one just can’t change and still have “poetry” . There are some things one can’t change I believe. Cells they bind us, jail us. Sex, is one of those things that is for me, a foundation, the foothold I view, feel, sense, breathe, eat, write from…can’t change that and still have poetry. I guess what I’m saying is that I write from the gut, my gut. That part can’t change. Hard to explain ……

    I like this poem and I think it is very feminist thought from the eyes of a man. It challenges how we objectify bodies and there is a lot to this poem and hopefully it will get plenty of reads from the same person. Good poems I think, can give us different things at different times…. But my question at the end if valid, for the reader to answer….

  3. ellen

    I didn’t mean that only women are examined, studied, etc David! Of course everything is on a continuum, but there is a qualitative and quantitative difference between the genders on this one.

    I almost went into this in my first post, but it seemed laborious. Women sometimes do admire a man’s muscles, physical abilities, and other parts of his physique. At the height of being passionately in love, she might even feel a kind of worship towards him in that way (not all women! Ok, I am talking about a deep appreciation of a certain body part that is providing her pleasure, ok?)

    But this is not the same as the consistent fascination that most men have with most women’s bodies. We, as a gender, are not as affected by a man’s physique as men are with womens. I think some of that can be attributed to biology. Some of the difference is exaggerated by culture.

    I didn’t read the poem as feminist or not. To me, feminism is freedom from oppression due to gender. Putting aside the last stanza (which, like I said, works, but I have no idea what to do with it), I read it as a tender sex poem.

    Do you think it’s feminist because of her body type? Or is it something else? Many men love women’s bodies of all types, David. That in itself wouldn’t make me think feminist or not- just male : )

    It is common for men to talk one way in this regard (ratings according to looks, etc, which is cruel) and behave in quite another ( I love WOMEN! Lots and lots of women!) And let’s not even go into how women treat each other and themselves in this regard- ugh!! Please stop!

    I did think, after I made the original post, that it would be damned hard to make a poem out of those glimpses into the experience of the other gender. Tolstoy is reputed to have done it in a short story he wrote about a girl who just started menstruating, but I haven’t read it. (I’ll have to ask a friend for the title- I’ve forgotten.)

    I do want to say two things, in general. I do not believe women are superior to men, or vice versa. If women had the physical, immediate muscle strength of men, I don’t think we would use it any more or less wisely. If men gestated children and then fed them from their bodies, I think men would be as sensitive to the needs of others as women often are. Of course, who knows? This is just my guess… but it is a guess rooted in my experience. I have known just as many deeply kind and compassionate men as women.

    World-wide, this “goodness equality” is harder to see. But I have to believe what I have personally experienced. Men are so much more encouraged (forced?) to be competitive and “tough”, it is so much more acceptable for them to physically fight and try to dominate one another, that it is hardly fair to compare the genders, as the starting ground is so uneven.

    I also think there is a world and reality above gender, that supersedes it. Men and women have the same spiritual needs, an equal need to love and be loved. All of my personal experience tells me this, too. I’ve raised one daughter and two sons, been married for 28 years to a man, had a mother and a father and two sisters… gentle male friends and gentle female friends… I don’t see one gender stacking up significantly different in these areas than the other.

    All that said, and I DO like the poem- I have thought of some lines many, many times since I read it soon after you posted- I get weary of the all-male perspective. I can’t help it. I get lonely for other women. And I do think there is room for us as people to broaden our gender perspectives. All of us- me as much as most men.

    I could be wrong, but I have found my foundling attempts, when I’ve taken the effort, enriching.

    I’ve got the Sappho book ordered from the library. That should help ; )

    And not because she is reputed to be a lesbian!! She loved men too. Wild girl!

  4. George

    Writing poems is about being SELF in the first place!! Express your own views, not the others’, that is the freedom you get from writing.
    And that is the only true path.

    This poem is different (I was thinking lately whether you are going to publish erotic poems..). I was also surprised by the ending, BUT – it makes sense! And I like the openness, I appreciate it.

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