For Christ Almighty


The year is almost out

a candle burning down.

John has died, crucified

not even now

the gospel of twist & shout allowed

just a wiggle and wail

an old man in the corner

spewing in an older pail.


Everything is ending

slowly, all at once.

Judge not or yea shall be judged,

didn’t some body say?

So what?

I’ll do it my way ….

the cover band bays n’

cardboard Jesus’ sway

with me in this meltdown

pressed, panicked like the Mad Hatter

knowing now the show doesn’t matter

for Christ almighty

he’s left his light snuffed out

the Gospel according to John

is gone

for many years now

gone for Christ almight

or thereabouts.


Dec. 8th, 1999. Karlovy Vary

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