God, Power and the Gun


God must have made the gun

That strong, heaven sending death stick.

I cannot see man, weak man

Making such a perfect, infallible beast.

Sticks, stones, knives and rope

These are different

They are not anonymous like a gun or god.


Not all the hymns, from all the lips

In all the churches the world over

Will make me know different

Faith, hope, charity, goodwill

These are godly things,

But so too is a gun.


I am sure that if god sits

On his throne high above,

He sits with a gun across his lap,

In fear of those below.

Those below with many guns

And many heavenly thoughts.

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2 Responses to “God, Power and the Gun”

  1. Cristina

    It never occurred to me…but now I cannot let it go: fear of those with many heavenly thoughts. And so many guns.

  2. admin

    Yeah, we never think that there is simply so much unnecessary death in our world simply from the fact there are so many guns / weapons etc… Who makes them? Why isn’t the focus on this. If crops don’t grow, we first look at what we can change – the soil. However, so little attention is ever paid on the mass proliferation of weapons. This gnaws at me. And also as you suggest – those heavenly thoughts. I often wonder how much better the world would be if we just “ate when hungry, drank when thirsty” — it is too often hope/belief that ruins the soup.

    I like this poem because it is a kind of thought experiment. We often don’t “turn things around” when thinking or making judgments. It’s a trick I’ve taught myself to do and it usually results in me seeing things a little more clearly than if I hadn’t. Kind of like – who would Jesus be if he came back today? Would he drink coke and drive a pick up? Would he be a she , etc…..

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