Hard Boiled Words (just the facts mam)


Good people kill – other good people.

Ugly people have babies – beautiful babies.

Prostitutes have mothers – mothers have prostitutes.


Presidents are made, not elected and

some day have to stand naked.


Blood isn’t bloody easy to remove.

Running water moves mountains.


Dogs piss to mark territory.

Men get pissed and then mark territory.


Elephants never forget what they don’t know.

Small microbes can topple the largest of men.


The eye can’t see itself.

Fire can’t burn fire.


Everything is an accident or nothing is.

God doesn’t play with dice, he plays with men

(because men play with themselves).


Dice don’t believe in chance –

their number always comes up.


A horse is a horse.

A man isn’t a horse.

Man’s task is to find out why he isn’t a horse.


Honor is what we will do some somebody else

but never for ourselves.


The first laws were created by criminals as justice, a justice – fictation.


Nothing ends, it only changes

like a newton became a fig newton.


War was created so man could be at peace.


ART is not art.


So many countries but only one sky.


Man is more what he thinks and less what he lives.


Crows are also black birds.


A wink is as good as a nod to a blind man

but a nudge works every time.


A forest is a good place for rest.


There are only two kinds of people.

Collectors and garbage collectors.


Why is potato salad like a holy sock?


Dirty underwear is made to be washed.


A cup in only a cup because it has nothing inside it.


Church pews aren’t built for comfort.


We reap what we owe. We weep what we sow.


Quantity affects quality.


Beauty is a blemish and a blemish is beauty.


Rome wasn’t built in a day but a person is created in an instant.


Too much good is much worse than a little bad.


A spoiled bottle of wine gives all the others their taste.


Music is man’s indifference to time.

Time conquered through mimicked time.


We only obey the cop because of their uniform.


We live only so we can sleep (but we don’t know this).


Prison’s are built with the bricks of righteousness.


Drunks never get hurt when they fall because

they cannot envision what might happen to them.


A guitar with a broken string can still play a song.


Infidelity is a means of confirming our infidelity.

Every marriage is a giving up. In effect we say, “defeated I win.”


Cease fires are agreements to re-load.


Cemetaries always have the greenest lawns.


The poet dies on the page.

The only good poet is a dying poet.


Sometimes even the president of the IMF

has to wipe his own ass.


Nothing ever ends, it’s only bandaged……


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