I am happy


“May I, emerging at last from this terrible insight
Burst into jubilant praise to assenting angels”

– Rilke


It is strange
I am happy.

Millions are dying of hunger.
Children with chopped off limbs
walk towards candy stores
in their dreams.

Fast cars roar off to nowhere.
Burn patients sit softly on white sheets.
People are jumping off buildings.
Buildings are falling down.

A millionaire counts his pennies
pulled from a cookie jar.
The sun is burning and mice
are getting caught everyday
in better built mousetraps.

Lungs fill up with the waste¬†of man’s ingenuity.
Whales cough blood in
the black of a cesspool sea.
Guns grow like geraniums
picked up and given in the name
of freedom rather than death.

My parents, your parents.
My son, your daughter.
The bright eyed boy across the street.
We are all going to die.


I am happy.
Perhaps it is because

I am here.

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