I Am Missing You


My newspaper tells me

90% of the universe is unaccounted for


perhaps that is where you are

lost in some obscure mathematical equation

an X or maybe a Y.


I am refining my calculations.

cleaning my telescope’s lens.

repainting my ceiling.

I’m inventing a new alphabet

where words travel faster

than the speed of sound


where nothing’s missing

Bcuz everything’s been said


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3 Responses to “I Am Missing You”

  1. George

    I cannot help myself but you are the best in a love lyric..

  2. David


    You are confirming my thesis — that underneath so much, so many sheaves and leaves of paper, a poet is the barometer of love. Be that in Joy or Despair. I guess love is a means by which the poet can deal with the existential state we all in clarity would find ourselves. That angst for completion that can never be completed.

    Shakespeare was a poet of love — his sonnets reflect love’s light.
    So too even the roughest of modern poets. If you ever get a chance, read some of the essays of Kazantzakis. He’s more or less with me on this too….

    And also, we can say that love is everything! So there is a lot of ground to cover.

  3. George

    I will get it.

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