I Love You Madly (Miluju Te K Zblazneni)


“In the midst of great love

everything is conceived

and everything is meaningless — but very holy.”

— Jaroslav Iwaszkewicz, Song for a dead woman



I love you madly

like a deer

jumps in the forest

filled with the strength of spring

and the crazy always

of the sun’s invisible haze

cursing through life, the incredible maze

lost we are I say …..


I love you madly

a brick through a window

a madman ringing bells

a foam at the mouth angel

wandering, singing, through many hells.


I love you madly

idea and essence, a fire unlit

waiting for the match

as a writer waits

a white page perfect as it sits

and others gather moss

the velour of their minds.


I love you madly

against the dead flotsdam

this unromantic age.

I love you madly

a monkey in a cage

squealing the jungle’s fear

the beast in man so near!


I love you madly

as all love must

love now, forever, beyond

the graveyard’s honest trust.


I love you madly

a ghost embracing your pale skin

fearless, floating beside you

an eternal moment, forever to begin.


I love you madly

despite the aloneness heavy

we carry in our bones

the sadness, I frenzied poet

in silence bleed alone.


I love you madly

twisted by rage, angry at mediocrity

that dares to step before you

monied, gathering only wage.


I love you madly

a tremor through these bones

it dances with the time

that would make them old.


I love you madly

in a heightened and bloated way

sure, unmoving rock

I slowly sway

and spread the world, the word

the news, the necessity of my craze.


I love you madly like a tear

so truly, gravitas

slides down the face

swiped by hand, licked


it nurtures without a trace.


I love you madly as a cloud

so lightly fills the sky

image after image it turns

never asking, needing a why.


I love you madly

a sound whispered passionately in the ear

a sign, a secret

a world our own we only hear.



Miluju te k zblazneni

here in this square of stone

cold empathy

the huss of hawkers gutting

a colder German to see their wares,

old buildings with secrets offering frigid stares.

I love you with the crazed humanity

that fills this square’s past —

the butchery the clock has seen

I give you to cast

a spell so the future may be.

Milute se pravdy kazdemu prejte

these words cry out behind so it may.

I do and for you forever sway

singing a song …… I love you madly.

I love you madly

lost in the crowd.

I love you madly

more, more, all that I’m allowed.

I love you madly

deep into the heart’s hurried blood

turning I turn

everywhere I hear you hum

the song that sprites your eyes

gives me madness, a thousand sighs.

I love you madly

to death and beyond

in love with you, I’m fire

and fire is / was the first dawn.

I love you madly

though you’ll never know enough

how this world so strange,

gold everything I touch

with love of you so much

surreal, a beggar’s magical crutch.

Miluju te k zblazneni

through the few, the much, the any

the numbers this age only believes

though I believe the one is the many.

I love you madly

blistered lips, tattered clothes I am

the infernal greets the eternal

I run and hold up the flaying emblem of love

I am I scream, I am.


Who are you I madly love?

Is it qualities alone

that push you above

the everyday lust, the ashes waiting to be

the mindless flesh begetting so slovenly?

No. No qualities alone do you possess.

None greets my grazing eye

but alone, purpose you hold

and stretch it over me to hide

as you build the future, a lifetime wide.

You are a person, but most, idea.


an image gracing the picture of life

the ending, unknowing death we fear

as the pigeons fly away

— where I ask, where come night do they stay?

Young love I’ve built this madness upon

the uselessness of all

down onto I fall,

it is all done crazed in your name.

What’s absurd I’ve seen

cowering before you as you played

the game all beauty must

a game of being, collected shining dust.

You are my shadow

every sin, every forget.

I rage and rage each day

each day, I howl at the sunset

and pray for more following.

Love, I love you madly

gladly, I’d hold up this heavy earth

just so you could live its meager seconds

and give, all else, a drop of worth.

Love don’t forget my mad howl

knocking down as I do

wall after wall,

just to let this too sane, same world

know the praise I pray for, for after all

you are my love for which I fall

and love madly here in the dream

the read I’ve hinted in this scrawl

that tells only I love you madly

whatever may befall

the deer that leaps past spring’s

green, growing sprawl.

 – May 24 1997, 7pm

Stare Namesti, Prague

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