I resolve


I resolve

to wear more purple

and not to pull up my socks

should they fall

to eat more strawberries

in the sun, one after one.


I resolve

to look more closely,

at the smaller things

buttons, spiders, dandelion dust, wedding rings

to sit more on swings.


I resolve

to stay longer in bed awake

and think and dream

about a boat I want but

will never make.


I resolve

to kiss my gal a little longer

to make love stronger

more often pull her in

to always, in all things, in spirit

begin, being …..


I resolve

to play with children,

like one of them

and collect fire trucks

and climb trees

and get my knees green again.


I resolve

to tell my mother I love her

a thousand times, all at once

and tell her she did well

thought all can so very well tell.


I resolve

to think of the good every day

and in suffering

know what I may

not be otherwise

each of us a crooked surprise.


I resolve

to look in that little fishes eye

the next time she’s hooked

to ask for more soup

and look where others haven’t looked.


I resolve

to look up more skirts

to sword fight with willow sticks

to spread my peanut butter just a little more thick

to burn, forget, the length of my wet wick.


I resolve

to lick my dog back

and to take a crack

at what I’ve never dreamed

to believe and pass by

all things that I’ve only seemed.


I resolve

to have my cake and eat it too

but if others need

bread ‘ll have to do

to do what needs be done

even if they don’t see the good.


I resolve

to buy myself more flowers

and to pick more wild ones

– the scraggly beauty of my love’s

luscious hair

to sit by streams

waiting for the gull on the rock


to be there.


I resolve

to listen to more of life’s honest

on and off, up and down

to lose myself in rhythm

and in that strange way

be found.


I resolve

to suck longer on fresh peaches

to not see the ugliness in leeches

to go wherever my will reaches

and getting there

eat my bread in joy,

drink my wine in peace

for this day will never

come again

just like this new year

will never ask when.

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