It Doesn’t Matter


It doesn’t matter if

the air con is kaput

the car got scratched

or the wine ain’t chilled.

It doesn’t matter.


Don’t matter if

the dog went on the carpet

or the DOW’s up or down.

Don’t matter if

there’s an earthquake

or you won the Super 7.

It doesn’t matter.


No worries about

missing that 9am meeting

drinking too much

drinking too little

no mayo in the fridge

a bad back

a better world.

It doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t matter if

the bus is late or

Sunnis are killing Shias

Shias are killing Sunnis

Israelis exterminating Gazans


Justin Bieber is doing time.

Don’t matter if

you are this or aren’t that

don’t matter

if the dog got your cat

or the cat got your tongue.


It doesn’t matter

if your mother-in-law

hates your guts

or the plane’s delayed.

Don’t matter if

your bank balance is $.1.15

or the remote is broke.

Doesn’t matter if

you don’t finish this poem

or even do.

It doesn’t matter.



It doesn’t matter.

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