Lachez tout


Drop everything

even your hat

even the money

you didn’t give,

even the rabbit

you didn’t pull out,

even the thoughts

you wish you never had.


Drop everything.

The day is coming

where levity will

be in demand.


You can’t push over

what isn’t attached.

Drop everything

and ring like a bell

against itself

and sing like a song

to no one in particular

and run without destination

over the hardened ground.


Drop everything

even the happiness

you’ve never considered,

even the soft bed

you’ve sunk into,

even the freedom in flesh

you’ve found.

Drop everything

even the sound

that silently

swings in your head.


Drop everything!

The day is coming

when the suitcases

will be piled high at the door

when the flesh

will waste away on

its rusting pedestal,

when thirst

will dry up no more.

The day is coming

when all will be

counted only once.


Drop everything!


Lachez tout!

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