Love in the Age of Reason


You said that our love

should be honest as a bed,

yes that is what you said.


I said that our love

should be noisy as a bed,

yes that is what I said.


Now can our bed be both

full of honesty and of noise?

Yes, we said, such is the product of the difference,

between girls and boys.

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2 Responses to “Love in the Age of Reason”

  1. ellen

    :D :D

    Whew, I was worried you were going to miss a day!

  2. admin

    nope, remember the time difference too!

    Yes, I think I put in the “particular’ to give this poem some “face” and place. To identify with the poet in some way (and Canada, snow, hibernation are themes always in my writing, I’ve found. Doesn’t matter, even when I was in the heat of Corsica, the island literally burning up, I was Joni Mitchell like chirping away about skating and the crunch of snow!).

    But I think the trick to poetry is among other things, to bring the lofty thoughts of gods to earth and the – here and now…
    Without the reader knowing that this was a human somewhere, sometime…a poem gets lost in abstraction. This among other things is what Williams and others in the 20th century brought to poetry. Me thinks…

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