Momentary Suicide


(Or, why she walks so gracefully)


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  1. George

    David, help please:-) Leave some comment on this poem, your mood, thoughts, anything…
    (while we have a rare chance to ask a living author;-))

  2. admin


    I really hesitate to explain because I really believe in the power of words / poetry to be read on several different levels. That even on the surface level of sound, rhthym, there is a strong meaning – even if not consciously apparent. This power of speaking on many levels is the power of good writing I believe. A simple poem can really also be so complex.

    However, you asked so I’ll oblige.

    Beauty, all true beauty is grace I believe. And the essence of grace is a seeming to walk “with” death. To not be a victim but be shoulder to shoulder with death. When you see true beauty, you see death in some form. Artists have drawn this and captured it. In grace, we overcome life and find death (and not the stereotyped death of pictures/movies but the death that is that which brings us to life – that forces us to be life itself.

    It is hard to really describe the connection between beauty and death but it is there.

    Fin – esse , literally means and comes from the latin, “the end of spirit”. In this word, there is “deep structure” and meaning. It means itself. Those with true, “finesse” are literally at the end of their spirit – immortal and not of life.

    Oh, I did a terrible job explaining all this! See why I don’t like doing this.

    One writer, Czeslaw Milosz – I highly recommend. He speaks often in his essays and poems , in this sort of vein. (as only good Catholics can :) )

  3. ellen

    I thought it captured that moment when my boys whisper, ‘damn” as a certain walk goes by… uttered… momentarily, you would die to be part of that! :D

    Everything else stops.

    No? But my explanation is so cheerful!

  4. George

    I know.. It is similar like when they pushed me to explain what I had painted.. They still do it at schools, call it “obhajoba” (plea/defence .. not sure about the term). And you feel like, hey, I am now giving the best of myself and you still want something additional, something that can ruin it all..

    Thank you anyway!

    And Ellen, I deserved it;-)

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