My love can perform miracles

I swear,

my love could silence

the hum of this hornet’s next

with one sure swat

of her hallow hand.

I swear,

she could.

I have seen her do much more.

My world stops in her gaze.

The fire behind her eyes melting my chains.

My world hops to her ways.

I swear,

my love could break

the heart of mankind

with one simple smack

of her red, loaded lips.

She could

thought she never would

such are the miracles

my love can perform.

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One Response to “My love can perform miracles”

  1. George

    Lovely little poem:-)) I laughed at first stanza (the image, I could not help it), then smiled and the last stanza is simply beautiful.
    What I like about this poem is its playfulness and easiness.

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