Nobody owes you anything

Nobody owes you anything

not the bank

that won’t extend your line of credit,

not the snot nosed kid

you used to be,

not the tooth fairy or Santa Claus

not the girl you gave your heart to

not the President or your dad’s estate

not the bars you so well indulged

and which now won’t allow you in


not even the poker dealer

who always tosses you

7 deuce with a smile.


Nobody owes you anything.


Not your folks who didn’t push you enough

into this too soft world,

certainly not this

pale blue dot that

gives you a roof over your head

and the right to be here,

certainly not time

the gatekeeper and

most democratic of sliding doors,

certainly not bare bones life

to which you aren’t even

an after thought.



Nobody owes you anything.


Get over it.

Close your ledgers.

Melt your tin trophies.

Get off your ass and

grow some balls.


the finish line is also

a starting line.

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