On Difficulty

It is like when church goers

    first try to break into hymn

the desire breaking her hymen.


Hardness gives way to ease.

   It has to be that way

or any damn fool could

   do as he or she pleased.


It’s like the best foods;

     hard on the outside

     soft in the middle

bidding, elusive the taste

it raises a riddle —

another bite, easier it’ll be

a beckoning towards deeper involvement

’til the end of eternity.


Even I who sing this electric

    need a little resistance

to tie down the words

that want to fly off the page

or to give you who read

      a little confusion

until finally there.


Otherwise, any damn fool

     could write a poem

or read one

     for that matters.

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2 Responses to “On Difficulty”

  1. ellen

    You’re back!

    I’m not sure about this public commenting on poems… it’s like talking with my kids when I can see I am pissing them off, but I don’t think they should be ; )

    I’ll just read.

  2. admin

    Yes, I’m back… this time taking no prisoners. Going homeless and into the mind….let’s see what I’ll find.

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