On Quality

A mediocre writer:

He thinks everything he writes is gold.

A great writer:

He thinks everything he writes is gold.

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2 Responses to “On Quality”

  1. George

    This is nice, what empty space can bring along.

  2. admin

    Yes, absence is some “thing” also. Glad you got that small point. I was hoping the reader would/will use this as a starting point towards further thought about what I believe is the “myth of absence/nothingness”. There is no such thing – nothing. Our belief in nothing has led us to a ruin and I await a philosopher to come along that will sweep it out the door.

    Sometimes “not doing something” is a way of acting. I always try to remember that in my own life. We should let this wisdom inform us in many situations — too often we don’t (especially in the public realm where “action” is lauded and patience and not acting is vilified… how much evil comes from this one basic philosophical and ontological stance…

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