Why I turned out the way I am

June 2nd, 2015 — 9:02pm


It’s for your own good

my father belted.

My mother did the same

at the dinner table with peas.

Mr. Drury in grade 7 had me

write lines of “P”s,

“It’s for your own good.” he opined.


Cigarettes are now $10 a pack

and casinos $1,000 plane rides away.

“It’s for your own good,” they say.


Seat belts, sanitariums and saints

always a safe, sane, step away.

My wife, my ever always wife

books me monthly to see a doctor

as much a dunce as a doctor can be.

All he offers are pills and pleasantries.

They both say, “It’s for your own good.”


Wars, weddings, sprayed green lawns

taxes, papal proclamations and government acts.

“It’s all for your own good,” they declare when asked.


My life nearly done and

I have yet to truly taste

what we call – free.

I followed footsteps

and danced to my own good

doing as I was told.


Thinking back, I now know

how I came to be who I am

this man, here and now

finally at home in the world

on edge, aware,

of what is really good for me.


My flusher finally broke.


It’s like one day you wake up

and realize there ain’t no jello tree

or the dictionary was written by a pedophile


you head out the door to plant or write your own.


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It doesn’t matter

April 23rd, 2015 — 9:03am



It doesn’t matter if

the air con is broke

the car got scratched

or the wine ain’t chilled.

It doesn’t matter.


Don’t matter if

the dog went on the carpet

or the DOW’s up or down.

Don’t matter if

there’s an earthquake in Ecuador

or you won the Super 7.


No worries about

missing the 9am meeting

drinking too much

drinking too little

no mayo in the fridge

a bad back, a better world.

It doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t matter if

the bus is late or

you arrived too early


Sunnis are killing Shias


Shias are killing Sunnis


Justin Bieber is doing time.

Don’t matter if

you are this or

should be that.

Don’t matter if

the dog got your cat or

carbon emissions are up.

It doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t matter

if your mother-in-law

hates your guts

or the plane’s delayed.

Don’t matter if

your bank balance is $0

or the remote is broke.

Doesn’t matter if

you don’t finish this poem

or ever do.

It doesn’t matter.



It doesn’t matter.

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April 23rd, 2015 — 8:45am


I am here

this is enough

like the last seed pushes

through the rough.


Want, desire, need

abstract things I

no longer bleed

the apple now in my mouth.


I am here

piss, shit, breath and spit

I lounge and loaf,

there is no longer any

getting on with it.


For other there’s

the buzz of progress, nicer hair.

I lift my glass

I walk not where.


I am here

this is enough

like the glistening ant pulls

the large leaf through the rough.


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April 18th, 2015 — 4:55pm


This poem

these words



like Frank Sinatra

breaking into song

half way up

the Amazon.


Nothing never seems right

like the i

trying to see itself

or beauty gone

just a little

left of right.


We are animals in costumes

made of human skin,

pour another drink


this poem sucks

I have to begin again …..

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Not Going Far

April 15th, 2015 — 8:29am


It’s strange how everywhere

I turn my head these days

I see only people dying.

Each page flip

Each channel change

Each item in my news feed

brings a death notice

and a reminder

that I’m next.


It’s like when you finally

get the cash together

and drive off the lot

your shiny new sedan

and by the time you get

the 10 blocks home

you’ve seen 3 others just like it

and all you can do

all you can ever do

is just sit back and

enjoy the ride

because you ain’t going far.

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Fictional Delirium

April 5th, 2015 — 9:30am


Tin man is pounding

Pippy Longstockings

in the back room.


Cat woman’s got

Bart’s tongue.

Inspector Gadget

his zipper undone.


The Hulk is in the backroom

doing yoga.

Batman’s thrown off his cape

and wearin’ a toga.


Ironman is taking an oil bath

King Kong is watching

The Wrath Of Khan.

Speedy Gonzales he’s long gone.


Coyote finally caught his bird.

Next up, Tweety Bird, I heard.


The Cookie Monster is getting

ten teeth pulled.

Zorro’s wedding plans are on hold.

Spiderman’s been sold

to a future arachnoid.


Indiana Jones I’m told

is in town to discuss the next script

insisting it must contain a larger crypt.


Denis is menacing.

Donald’s ducking.

Bozo clowning around.


The Littlest Hobo fell

and is hobbling back to his owner

in Hollywood.

The Family Guy’s got a boner

for the girl in

that other show.


Zeus is on the loose

and won’t take no for an answer.

I just saw some deers fly by.

Onward Dasher, onward prancer!


McGyver’s driving a loaner

and Wonder Woman is wondering

if its worth it

all the animation it takes as

delirious Betty Crocker rebakes …..

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Everyday Effluent

April 5th, 2015 — 9:20am


Piss, shit, sweat, toe jam

Dead skin, dead hair, dead heads

Bad breath, sperm, nail clippings

Snot, mucous, earwax, phlegm

Puke, puss, blood, placenta

Tears, spit, saliva, sound, words, thought


It’s surprising how alive

we are

given all the dead

we send out.


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The other side

April 4th, 2015 — 7:51am


When I die let it be quick

a surprise

waking up in a strange bed

after a good night out on the town

looking around, smiling

just happy to be here, there



Let me not see it coming

when it comes

a bullet to the back of the head

a piano falling from the sky

sweet poison in my drink

death taking me from behind

lights out

its dark

I’m on the other side.

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Hard Boiled Words (just the facts mam)

February 22nd, 2015 — 9:25am


Good people kill – other good people.

Ugly people have babies – beautiful babies.

Prostitutes have mothers – mothers have prostitutes.


Presidents are made, not elected and

some day have to stand naked.


Blood isn’t bloody easy to remove.

Running water moves mountains.


Dogs piss to mark territory.

Men get pissed and then mark territory.


Elephants never forget what they don’t know.

Small microbes can topple the largest of men.


The eye can’t see itself.

Fire can’t burn fire.


Everything is an accident or nothing is.

God doesn’t play with dice, he plays with men

(because men play with themselves).


Dice don’t believe in chance –

their number always comes up.


A horse is a horse.

A man isn’t a horse.

Man’s task is to find out why he isn’t a horse.


Honor is what we will do some somebody else

but never for ourselves.


The first laws were created by criminals as justice, a justice – fictation.


Nothing ends, it only changes

like a newton became a fig newton.


War was created so man could be at peace.


ART is not art.


So many countries but only one sky.


Man is more what he thinks and less what he lives.


Crows are also black birds.


A wink is as good as a nod to a blind man

but a nudge works every time.


A forest is a good place for rest.


There are only two kinds of people.

Collectors and garbage collectors.


Why is potato salad like a holy sock?


Dirty underwear is made to be washed.


A cup in only a cup because it has nothing inside it.


Church pews aren’t built for comfort.


We reap what we owe. We weep what we sow.


Quantity affects quality.


Beauty is a blemish and a blemish is beauty.


Rome wasn’t built in a day but a person is created in an instant.


Too much good is much worse than a little bad.


A spoiled bottle of wine gives all the others their taste.


Music is man’s indifference to time.

Time conquered through mimicked time.


We only obey the cop because of their uniform.


We live only so we can sleep (but we don’t know this).


Prison’s are built with the bricks of righteousness.


Drunks never get hurt when they fall because

they cannot envision what might happen to them.


A guitar with a broken string can still play a song.


Infidelity is a means of confirming our infidelity.

Every marriage is a giving up. In effect we say, “defeated I win.”


Cease fires are agreements to re-load.


Cemetaries always have the greenest lawns.


The poet dies on the page.

The only good poet is a dying poet.


Sometimes even the president of the IMF

has to wipe his own ass.


Nothing ever ends, it’s only bandaged……


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A Literary Autopsy

January 24th, 2015 — 9:35am


kafka (1)“Now, you have all the vitals. Josef K., male, 40. Eastern European, middle child, no dependents. Never married, profession: Insurance advocate.


“So, let’s get down to work. The first thing you notice immediately are the feet. Big. Too big – a duck out of water, clown’s feet, must have been uncomfortable walking through this world, on cobblestones especially. So too with all the extremities. Notice the ears and how they are reaching out to hear – almost to here! The hands. Too big for gloves. A murderer’s hands, always in need of clutching each other for fear of their fallen fate.”


“Now, let’s turn our attention to the eyes which some say are the keyhole of the soul. Dark, deep, moist, cavernous eyes. They have the look of too little sleep, of an active nether world, an always awakening dream. Calculating eyes, always wanting something which the other is unable to give. Long straight eye brows that guard the inner sanctum in a plain yet threatening way.”


“Then, there’s the nose. Typical mensch, built to oxygenate the brain. Solomon’s sniffing snoze. Almost artificial, glued on, inhuman, primitive, as if it were bought from the golem maker along with the clown’s feet, for a show, to beckon some hidden force, then unceremoniously stuck on. A nose that knows.”


“Lips. Thin, always dry. Unkissed. Not those of a lover but one who wants to be loved. An intellectual’s lips. Well sealed to prevent secrets from escaping too soon, allowing ideas to be well digested.”


“Speaking of the digestive system, let’s now focus on the torso. Truly a perfect ectomorph. Emasculated, a human squirrel full of nervous energy, unsettledness. But of the mind, not the body. The body wastes away on the stem of the mind. Thin, wiry, almost consumptive, the torso shows the effects of a high calorie burning organism. A man of immense hunger. A hunger artist. And it is this, I believe to be the key here. The digestive system is or should I say “was”, in a constant state of work, reconstituting experience. Life does not offer this man enough food to exist.”


“So, in a word, the cause of death: hunger. Perhaps he never found the food he liked – a forerunner of a more modern and endemic though less fatal disease known as nausea. A sickness of those who never seem to arrive at port. Which brings us to our next cadaver, a very interesting case, a young man found on a train from Bouville in the Gare de Montmartre in Paris. DOA, dead on arrival, no apparent trauma though ….”



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