Poetry 101


She said it was

stupid meaningless empty

this poem.

That it did nothing for her —

no thing depends upon


a red wheel



glazed with rain



Yet, she aspired to greatness.

cracking shells with her dull pen.

She looked for the elusive pearl

to string around her slender neck.

She aspired to greatness

with an ungreat full mind.


And I two rows back

struck dumb

by her thick, reaching thighs

and the

vain pounding of her hard head

tried to

overlook her inconsistencies

thinking I might

see eternity in a grain of sand

that I might

jump down from my high and firy cross.

But I could not,

the farmer in my gree soul


that so much does depend upon


a red wheel



glazed with rain



That so much does depend upon


empty beauty



filled with in


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5 Responses to “Poetry 101”

  1. ellen

    This poem is sooooo goood it got posted twice!


  2. George

    Sir, we are very attentive readers;-)

    Anyhow, I am always so delighted to find more than one poem here..

  3. admin

    Just keeping you honest!

    Actually, I have some thoughts “back piled”, to take advantage of any creativity I do have and in case of writer’s block – though I’ve never ever had this. Truly. More a case of “don’t feel like it”, not, “can’t do it”.
    Anyways, reposted one of the drafts that stayed a draft. How daft!

    But I wrote this one while thinking of an old creative writing course I took years ago. I thought of that course because I recently applied for a job and had to send in transcripts. On my teacher’s college transcript were perfect 4.0s except for an earlier “creative writing ” course I took at the same university while I was steel working. Never made it to class much and got a C- . But that C- did create one poem, so all is well…. I’ll have to write a poem about the prof. for that course, a playwright, Vince Sharman. Quite the character he was…

  4. George

    Please, what does that “4.0s mean?

  5. admin

    Oh George, that’s Grade Point Average. Straight As in alphabet talk.

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