Poetry 101


She said it was

stupid meaningless empty

this poem.

That it did nothing for her —

no thing depends upon

a red wheel


glazed with rain



Yet, she aspired to greatness.

Cracking shells with her dull pen

she looked for the elusive pearl

to string around her slender neck.


She aspired to greatness

with an ungreat full mind.

And I two rows back

struck dumb

by her thick, reaching thighs

and the

vain pounding of her hard head,

tried to overlook her inconsistencies

thinking I might

see eternity in a grain of sand,

that I might

jump down from my high and firy cross.


But I could not,

the farmer in my green soul


that so much does depend upon

a red wheel


glazed with rain


That so much does depend upon

empty beauty


filled with in


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2 Responses to “Poetry 101”

  1. George

    Reading it for the first time, “it did nothing for me”… I even wanted to ask you how you meant it:-) But the more I read it the more I like it.

    Along with My Grand Inquisitor (which is a very discreet poem, also not so attractive at first sight), my favorites.

  2. admin

    Yeah, isn’t that so true… the things we at first have a “dislike of” , or at least a little – we come to love so much more. That really is a version and the authentic view of love. Something that captures what is left after all the rapture, huzza and bruhahah is over…..

    I don’t do it intentionally but it just flows – there is a lot of very discrete illusion and metaphor in both those poems. My private conversation to those that might get it, know of it and see/understand. Not everything has to be so “in your face” however much our culture demands and disrespects the audience these days.

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