I asked her

in bed

covered in honesty

just fed

by nature’s always


I asked her

love lent,

what the number

6,000,000 meant?


Looking up

like a little girl might

counting stars or sheep

she said,

“A large city

maybe a bank account?”

Then, closing her eyes

leaning over,

she said again,

“Come here! Give me

6,000,000 kisses!”


Yes, we are learning

how to count again.

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5 Responses to “RECOUNT”

  1. ellen

    I like when you rhyme a little, David! The rhymes in this one are especially unforced, playful.

    Not very deep analysis, huh? :D

    I also like the last line/thought in New Year’s Eve, and I like Shadow Work, perhaps because we share the same clothing/eating habits!

    So simple, I know. Carry on!

  2. admin


    That is my forte I think – rhyme. It just is “comfortable” for me and I’ve never ever had a sense that when I allow words to “come on dove’s wings” that they are forced… glad they don’t read so either.. Next post will be something with rhyme. I used to challenge myself by writing Shakespearean sonnets, a few a day. Could be a good challenge again…

  3. ellen

    whoops, that comment was for Recount : ) … maybe I clicked wrong.

  4. ellen

    I know somewhere I left a smile about those 6 million kisses! And you said, Keep thinking about 6 million, Ellen!

    I got the other reference to 6 million today. I was glancing through a history for today Anne Frank and the number stood out.

  5. admin


    I’m grateful that it hit you. A good poem should bother people (IMO) and leave no closure. Like a parable I guess, it is filled with metaphor and when the time is right, the reader will “get” the story/meaning …. I do wish we could talk more about 6 million kisses than 6 million deaths… we have a ways to go as a species.

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