She makes me feel the light

My love, life’s animated lightness.

My heart, a drum

beating out her bold brightness.

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2 Responses to “She makes me feel the light”

  1. George

    Do you know, what I have noticed?? You have very very nice titles. Like here:-)
    /but care – then the poem has to fulfil the highest expectations!/

    … and there: Momentary Suicide, Now that the cold war is over, Release me, The Fall of Winter, Let’s Clean House, Poetry 101 and lovely My Grand Inquisitor

  2. admin


    Yes, that’s exactly how it happens (much of the time). I’ll have a thought, idea and I’ll think of how best to “undress” it. I’d say at least 50% of the time, I’ll start with a strong title and that will be the compass to guide all else and get the job done.

    But titles are important. They “coat” the whole poem with a kind of preconception, as you allude. Within many titles, I try to embed some meaning, deeply, compressed. In some cases, it might be easy (just taking a line that is used often and then using it as the title) , in others like Grand Inquisitor – not so. (that title by the way, comes from the famous chapter of Brothers Karamazov, and Ivan’s dream. It also has a deep, personal meaning for me too….

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