So Change


Re – tire. Re – invent yourself.

Do one thing in 6 different ways.


Become something “other”.

Start again and again.

It’s your life after all.

Nobody else’s.

Live it. Fuck them.

Fuck them all.

Fill it with experiences

nobody will believe.

Screw what others think.

It’s your life.

Change it.

Even if, especially if

your comfortable and

constantly dream about butterflies.


It’s the only damn thing

those sun tossed Greeks

got right.

Change is sweet.

The only certainty is uncertainty.

So change.

Not tomorrow, next year

or even right this moment

but yesterday.



Put on a mask. Then another mask.

Pull up your roots

and soak them in tequila.

Start gardening, grow a beard.

Sing songs to the homeless

late every night.

Sit in bed all day long

with only your socks on.

Steal or give it all away – you decide.

Build a house nobody will ever live in.

Or burn your house down.

It’s your life for Christ’s sakes.

Walk away.



Life is not judged by

how good or not good you are or weren’t

or happiness or a full belly.

Hell, life has no measurement

just what is and what the tape measure

can’t catch up too.

Hey, you’ll be forgotten

much sooner than you think.

Dust for better beetles to

frolic in.

So change.

It’s all that matters.

And if you don’t have

the balls to change

and hit the brakes

do a 180

then fail, just start failing.

You’ll live a glorious, ever changing life

your only one,

the only one you got.

So change.

You’ll be aligned with

the universe ….

this failing, entropy full


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