Taking Off The Lid


One must wonder

at this world of

beer cans, ashtrays and “just because”,

wonder at the

movement of it all,

how pages yellow and lovers spent

crawl away to their corner of the bed,

how the flowers in the vase

dry and disappear, deny the day,

wonder at the way

it all slides down,

wonder and listen for

the sound that can’t be found

the sound that accompanies our

great, so gentle, imperceptible fall,

listen for the orchestra’s honest organizing whistle

listen for the violin’s whine and the oboe’s sad skip

the swish of the conductor’s baton

listen for this one step, two step, the beat

we all, groping for each other

dance to complete

to greet and applause beyond our laws

our false creations, our fabulous flaws.


One must wonder

at this world of

so much music nobody hears.

How much better we might dance

if we did.

Like a cook smelling, taking off the lid.

One must wonder where

the life lived is hid.

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