The Broken Fall


I hate the fact that everything breaks
Hearts and horses, especially plates.
A man would like to sleep but then awakes
The weather so sunny shifts, never waits.


Everything breaks, smashed or just a bit
Buildings crumble, teeth are chipped
The white shirt gets a spot, a lady takes a fit.
Morning brings daybreak, the champion is whipped.


Cars stop in the middle of nowhere, for no reason.
Coffee breaks, cigarettes, tea and cakes
Broken legs and second acts
Relationships and broken backs
Voices and promises and hymens
Banks and records, even cut diamonds.


It makes you see so clear
How if nothing ever broke
Nothing would happen, appear.
Life, living, just a broken fall
Before we’re returned to the bottom

The unchanging all.

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One Response to “The Broken Fall”

  1. Cristina

    How I love the twist…
    Such a gloomy beginning…powerful images of breaking…from the trivial to the spiritual…all just to end with an optimistic yet lucid axiom: life as a broken fall.

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