The Scream

We must in all ways struggle

a bug on a beach

to be free

caught as we are

midway, oneway between

memory and the dream

heaven and sea

wondering what makes this be

’til a bird we remember

swallows us

like a king taking tea

and our dream is all it seems

but its too late then

to scream.

the Scream white and black

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6 Responses to “The Scream”

  1. George

    Skrik is one of the most impressive paintings (at least for me) ever. Everything compressed inside wants out, you can “hear” this painting screaming. A mastership. Did you get inspired by that?

  2. David

    Most definitely George. This painting has been “with me” for a long time. Picasso is really my inspiration though, I have a stack of books and get energy by spending time with them (as well as the prints hanging on my walls, wherever I go..) I’ll post up a fav. that’s on my wall today on EFL Classroom 2.0

    However, I really like the black and white of the Scream, for some reason…..

    I don’t think this poem works that well I think I have to carry this idea within me for a much longer time…. ah, poems are never finished, merely abandoned!

    ps. do you know the story of this painting being stolen?

  3. ellen

    David and George, this link comes via Rosa Best website devoted to paintings

    if that doesn’t come through correctly, here’s the url:

    The title isn’t hyperbole- the best collection I’ve seen online, but the site is in Spanish :D

    David, they have hundreds by Picasso, at a larger size than his estate often allows (about 600 x 800, scanned at a good resolution)

    George, they have THOUSANDS of artists included.

    Hope you like it!

  4. admin


    Thanks, so much there and at the same time, can brush up on my Spanish! So many painters….so much life, like shoots of grass.

    I like how you can blow up the photos. Could be a little easier to access but I won’t quibble… I’m going to make a blog post on a similar topic that this sparked. I used to love in class, showing students artists in the process of creating art. I just watched Crumb – have you seen it? Amazing documentary and when I watched him drawing in the film, I was just overcome – it was truly godly, his talent. Picasso has some videos like this…

  5. George

    Picasso is really big, surly not for nothing. He is penetrating and self self; rough I would also say. He is not easy on the eye, I also heard that his paintings emanate negative energy (not that I would believe it, but I could not have them all around like you). But I was always interested and respect him as a genius painter and believe that he can be very inspiring (his life included).

    Thinking about your the black and white note I put both versions side-by-side and you know what? They are absolutely peculiar, I have different associations looking at each of them.

    You are rhadamanthine to yourself :-) Although here I could possibly agree, in general I see some poems which could be carve in stone immediately. It is like with paintings.

  6. George

    Ellen, thank you, superb! I am going to spend lots of time on it:-)

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