There ain’t no Oz Dorthy

You’re never gonna win

not even if you practice

all day, every day,

not even if you get

that nose job or

invent a better mouse trap,

not even if you win the lottery or

hit the triactor, 100 to 1.

It’s just not gonna happen.


Entropy has you between her legs

and she’s holding your head down

in her dirty hands.

There’s a loose nut in

every assembly line,

there’s a self destruct button

blinking on and off

in each of our hearts.


Best to not swim upstream.

Learn to love the toast on the floor

jam side down


your ship always goes

back out again

and you’re never gonna win


there ain’t no Oz Dorthy.

Go ask Cesar.

Go ask Marilyn.

Tell it to the moon

and then sit back and wait

for the next go around.

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