They Know Who THEY are

They’d make love and that’d be it

a cup of coffee

and on to the next piece of tit.

They’d round off bills and borrowing

into but money

words into something only to call your honey

(oops! I forgot – this shouldn’t be funny!)

They’d make grown men, slaves

government ad ministered

the rest well-behaved, ready to wave

the mental patients off

(Heil happiness! Without a sputter or cough!)

They’d make wars but


strikes and protests but


“Want another cuppa?”

They’d make memory but

a few well timed tears

celebrations celbratory,

the only way to keep the tables clear.

“Drink up – Cheers!”

They’d make being young but

a time before your older

fashion, a follow me

hey, there’s not much to shoulder!

They’d make ignorance a virtue

but call it by another name

they’d make it a law that

there’s always another to blame.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

They’d dam up all the rivers

(only they’d know how it figures)

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

They’d clear up all our livers.

They’d give hell a better name

sprinkle out to all, 15 minutes of fame

hey, look at him!

they’d even bring back shame.

They’d make trees grow but straight

in public, unlawful to hate

(but my how the tongues strain, they can’t wait)

They’d nail down logic into it’s proper place

give every mirror a proper face

(my head must be screwed on wrong – what a waste!)

They’d move back the dawn

an hour or two

tell you all that’s wrong with you

they’d outlaw all foul language

I swear,

but hey! who’d give a f**k (read, care).

Everybody’d have to want to own a house

have 1.3 children, be quiet as a laboratory mouse

and replace their old doodad with a doohickey

at least once a year (or when bankruptcy is near).

They’d research for endless years

so that onions wouldn’t make your eyes cry

(they’d even give bawling babies a sigh)

they’d always make sure to remind you,

it’s not proper to ask why

(why, is it only me that’s not shy?)

They’d try to make the weather

the same every day

(but then, what would they talk about anyway?)

even, extract from the seasons

all their seasoning

(but I can follow their reasoning).

They’d make all the answers

come none too soon

they’ve even succeeded in de-mystifying the moon.

They’d turn water into wine

and turn a profit too

but they won’t sell you much

fish and bread will have to do,

but don’t ask how it’s done

it might be the end of you.

They’d stuff all hope into

a lottery ball

Let the world pay just

to watch ’em fall.

They’d make intelligence, just knowing

(my can’t you hear their noses blowing!)

and all comings a going

nothing left on the table but Spam

and little jars of freckled jam.

They’d take us all for fools

and that’s how they’d rule

(but aren’t we …. stroke that – it’s cruel)

They’d live unleaking, then expire

like a fat firm tire

unburped by a bump

never roughing the road

just spinning around a point of nothing

to nowhere, god knows I suppose.

They’d move beauty back to center

make every unliving thing better

(but our eyes keep getting wetter).

They’d refer over and over to rights

(what you can get away with is right)

and article 249BS.3 (d)

have the whole world energetically flying kites

thinking they were free

(but having to ask to go and pee).

Yes, it’s done like a deal!

(can’t you hear Orwell and the pigs squeal?)

what we don’t know, we have and they

intend to steal

and they know who they are

(I can only see them cuz I’m so far….)

In the high branches of the tree

baboons howl

while below lions saunter about

with a scowl.

The zoo keepers are getting paid

cashing in

(they know how to put the knife in)

Cuz, they know who they are

and that

the jail bars are ours.

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  1. George

    Heil Happiness, heil all the pretending…

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