Thoughts after reading Gurdjieff late at night


A god that is a solution to all things – is a solution to no thing.

What is real can never appear – it only has appearances.

Love is what is left after both entering and exiting desire.

Energy is eternal delight — all that is, has always been.

Sleep is the foundation of all being – like stillness the core of all movement.

Only if we escape from ourselves will we remember ourselves and then become what we really are.

Man is a drop of water that flows in two streams. He is always trying to unite and reconcile the original fall.

All truths are beautiful. Existence knows nothing of randomness, chance and open design.

Passivity is never a way forward unless it is the way forward.

All things come to us. Thoughts come to us – we are but a receiver.

A poem is a claw hold up a mountain with no summit.

Everything in life is in the service of action. Wrong action equals wrong livelihood.

That which ends, never truly began.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts after reading Gurdjieff late at night”

  1. George

    All the good thoughts come at night:-)
    In a seeming paradox lies a lot of wisdom and you are aware of it..
    Above all – the first line about god!

    Then what you say about sleep, me too I believe in a power of sleep and dreaming (now reading a book on lucid dreaming, very interested in it); I have yet to discover what it has to offer:-)
    Passivity… I had a little trouble with this, but because I liked it I wanted to figure it out in terms of language (I anticipated the meaning but did not feel it through reading). Now I hope to grasp it finally.
    Receiver thought, we have talked about it already, I still do not have enough experience to say pure “yes” to it…
    And last but not least – “That which ends, never truly began” – not universal I think, but still true in many cases, and very nicely said.

    I am sure Cristina would like these. Btw. I feel a bit lonely here and hope you will not get bored by my comments;-) What about little promotion again to invite more readers?

    I think a poem a day makes any day nicer :-)

  2. admin


    You are right, I’ll have to promote this a little more and spread the light around…. Also, give a shout to Cristina. I’m sure, like me, she’s an at times, overwhelmed teacher doing her best to keep things going.

    I know a lot of these aphorism type lines can “seem” like paradoxes and word games. They are not. But they are said in such a way (and Nietzsche to me was the genius of these and maybe Montaigne second) so that the truth is only flashed and made real if the reader is ready for it. Otherwise, it is for another day. That’s why I prefer to read aphorisms like I eat grapes – not many at once and sucking on them a long time…..

    Ah yes sleep – actually one of my favorite aphorisms of Nietzsche is a witty line about sleep. He said, “Sleep must be very important – we have to stay awake all day in order to do it”.

    I will think about ways to promote. I”ll for sure give a shout to the twitter uni verse.


    PS. I will try this week to make my poems be a little less “thoughtful” and more positive.

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