"Often we have to get away from speech in order to think clearly."
                                   — R. S. Woodworth, Experimental Psychology

to two too =s 3
no thinking     thin king
run on sentence    life sentence
le mot juste
Ommm Ahhh Oh! Yeah  shhhhhhhhhh
         says the tired tire
wee wee wee all the way
to the small home           hole
Ole Ole Ole     cafe au lait    O! Lay
          lady lay……
springs sing
in the flower bed
every year    why ear?
    we’re here weir
damn it!  damn it!  damn it!
    aswants    the tin mad!
steeling a       way
something like that
3 eees
     with ease
we do as we please
bloody place    body  face
two faced the mirror
     or     rathOR
saw themselves in two
two pieces suits you
ewe moo you and who
who who who who
hoots the unfoul owl
Ough! aaaH!  Ouch!
we too two wake up
       at a wake
who who who who
         died?      Lewis
no question to mark
          the grave
question a quest
ask again,    request
Hark!  who who who
          goes there
any way    or
somewhere  like  that
cuz THAT
is how it goes
goes goes ooooooooos
   another round please
the wait ‘er    is over
we have time to
two all ready drunks
      drink up  get down
kup after hiccup
    to ketchup
words aren’t enough
but they’re all
        we hal  ve
ah!!!  So unfair  there is
     no fair   where
we’re goinggoinggoingone
         all sawn
see                  saw
in two               pieces
         who says.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts”

  1. George

    First, I did not even read it till its middle:-)) but it gets better! The second part I really enjoyed and I only regret that English is not my mother tongue so I cannot get all the nuances…

  2. admin


    I’m amazed you’d get any of it at all! There is so much there, hidden, embedded. So much “compressed” and if I ever had to break down this type of jibberish poem, it would take me a good 50 pages. Truly. But I try to do this sometimes (and over do it) because it can be read on so many levels. Readers don’t need to understand or get everything. They can read and find themselves in it. Poetry shouldn’t be for the literary critics!

    I really liked the start and think it sort of gets weaker as it goes along. But good to know you feel different. I’ve always been surprised in many ways, how what I’ll write will either 1) mean different things to a reader 2) be felt differently (stronger/weaker/better/worse) by a reader.

    I don’t think this poem really works as well as something like “I am tired” because it doesn’t have a knock out punch and “dizzy” the reader enough (which is the point, to get the reader thinking outside direct meaning until they are confused and then like a zen master clapping, being brought into understanding of ultimate reality….)

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