WHY ????????

“all that exists is made from all that it is not”

Why do we awake from sleep?

Why not rest in dream’s soft keep?

And let heaven fill

with creatures less despised?


Why do all things slowly rot?

Why live if only then to die?

Why are some fools, others not?

Why don’t real men cry?


Why am I me, not him?

Why’s the sun bright not dim?

Why doesn’t nothing exist?

Why can’t we resist

the clock’s consistent commands?


Why is one plus one two — not three?

Why does shit happen — to me?

Why is fire hot — not cold?

Why is it we grow old

and celebrate our own demise?

Enfin, why not?

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9 Responses to “WHY ????????”

  1. George

    You wanted to make Ellen happy, did not you? ;-)

    Are there all new poems? I do not think so.. I wonder how old are they..?

  2. admin


    Of course I want to make Ellen happy, who wouldn’t!

    And yes again, you are right, some aren’t “new”. I’m going to mix them up. Part of my belief — like how I so yearned that we’d have books without authors — that poems are timeless and not of the “now” . I’ll save that when I do my dub poetry in front of any one who will listen….

    So is your vote that I declare which are new???? Should that make a difference to the reader? Are poems like asparagus, only good for a few weeks and then over priced and impossible to get? Just asking.

  3. George

    You are testing me.. Of course the newest does not mean better!! Time is irrelevant. Btw. I remember that it was you saying something like: the older-the better (you meant the writer).

    Seriously, I think that important thing is whether you have an inspiration or not, whether there is this strong need present to communicate something of yourself. Some days will be lean days, I am sure.

    And I think for a poet there is one more thing important – what he/she is going through at the moment.

    I hope I did not touch you, maybe I was too nosy to know something more through your poems, I am sorry.

  4. ALiCe__M

    I wonder WHY oh why the final French word? should I take offense? should I answer this? why?

  5. admin


    Can’t tell you 4 sure. Somethings just happen and feel right (but some are planned, but not a whole lot).

    Might be puffoonery, elan and / or joie de vivre. Maybe pretension and wanting sophistication or to appear aloof and joue l’artiste. But as you know, everything tastes better with a little French artistry in the kitchen, n’est pas?

  6. ellen

    What are you talking about? :D :D

    I wanted to make you happy, too, David- that’s what got me in trouble! Damned election! :D

    I really like the gun poem. I got tired reading the tired poem :D

    I think 6 million kisses is still the line I will remember, though : ) So sweet and happy and playfully demanding.

    Also, easy to remember!

    David, you should have just said yes, of course I write these every day- and I should have let them all think I have an IQ of 185! :D

    Take it easy! :D

  7. ellen

    I get it now… I had a “white night” (up all night) and by the time I got here… look at all those smiley faces, I was just laughing (no, I will not make a smiley face… I will not make a smiley face : ) )

    This is a lovely poem, David. Yes, George, I really like the rhyme and rhythm of it. It does make me happy!

  8. admin

    I really like the gun poem. I got tired reading the tired poem :D

    that was partly my intent!!! It’s a kind of embeded onomaetopia

    Keep thinking of what 6 million means Ellen!

    But glad you like the gun poem – I think the language quite stiff though..

  9. ellen

    The first stanza is stiff, but the second two are lyrical : )

    That’s ok… it sets you up for the beauty and the gun/god imagery in the second part of the poem.

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