March 12, 2016


EnglishCentral is a website where both learners and teachers can access authentic video content for learning or teaching English.  Sign up as a teacher HERE.

Teachers can use the Teaching Tools LMS to sign up a class and select video lessons or courses for students, set goals, listen to student recordings, get reports and more. Teachers get a free trial of 50 Premium student seats for a month. The perfect gift for students!  Download the trial code. 

Of course, as basic members, students and teachers can still take advantage of much that EnglishCentral offers.

Students “speak” the videos and compete for points. They get instant definitions and pronunciation feedback. Video quizzes help them master vocabulary. It’s very motivating and engaging for students – a site that uses the best of speech recognition technology to get students learning. We build a powerful pronunciation profile for each student.

Watch this nice introductory video on how it works.  This presentation is a complete overview for teachers. Visit the EC blog with resources HERE.

Get the transcript for videos too!