March 12, 2016

Using Video Handbook

video in classHere is a full handbook I produced for teachers or teacher trainers. Loads of best practice tips and ideas for using videos in the classroom.  EFL Classroom 2.0 members get access to all the resources in the handbook.

See my School Of TEFL for many more free resources related to using video in the classroom.  This includes the Pass The Paper ppt – Using Video in the Classroom.

Download many of the videos in the presentation for offline use through this shared folder. 

Also download and use the 50 ways to use video ebook

I also recommend these Video Response Worksheets. They instantly turn any video into a full, fun lesson.

I’ve written extensively on using videos to teach English and find some of my previous musings and video related resources here.  Also visit Gif Lingua – a great resource for ELT teachers. Gifs are in fact, just short, repetitive videos!

Enjoy using video in your classroom!


Download the Video In The Classroom handbook