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Larry Ferlazzo, “The resources there are too numerous to mention, and the willingness of members to be helpful cannot be over-stated. Few people have helped more ESL/EFL teachers learn more than David Deubelbeiss, founder of EFL Classroom 2.0.”

Daniel K I saw your awesome seminar back at the SMOE orientation in March. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your presentation; it was chock full of great ideas and inspiration, so thank you. Also, while I don’t visit it often enough, I think your EFL Classroom website is great, and I’m sure helpful for teachers everywhere. I just visited the new Teaching Recipes site, and it looks great. Simple, clean, and I’m sure I’ll find it helpful, along with many other EFL teachers! So yeah, that’s it. Just wanted to say thank you for spreading inspiration throughout the world, keep it up, and good luck!

Travis Gile,

Hi Dave,

I wanted to tell you that this material is the best and will be invaluable to me in the classroom. You are a superstar!

Han Younghee

It’s amazing. When I touched your site, honestly I didn’t expect too much but now I am surprised at your site. Thank you for your effort to help English teachers.


Hello, David ! It’s Erica.

Your website is amazing! There is so much information and resources. I’m lucky to take your class and have chance to visit your website.


In three years of teaching, i have NEVER seen a website more well-suited for a foreign instructor working in the Korean public school system…..Your website provides an invaluable service to ALL native speakers teaching in public schools and definitely deserves a spot in the the esl resource website “hall of fame”…I only wish I had discovered it sooner!

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn.

THANK, you, thank you, thank you, what more can I say! I will be encouraging my students to visit your sites, they are amazing and full of resources to help these future teachers as well as myself.

Murray Johnson

The compliment is simple. Your website and philosophy on life (teaching) is inspirational. An unexpected treat in todays world.


“Happy Teacher’s Day, Mr. Deubelbeiss! I had only one class with you yesterday, but your presentation was such a wonderful experience to me. Most of all, your site was very eyecatching and I found it as a kind of treasure land. I just learn you’re sowing a seed of ideal teaching in every English teachers. Thank you so much for your helpful leading !

Gye Sung Hwan

I always think that you are great. I can’t understand how you do so many things. And I always thank you. I look up to r your passion that you show us in teaching English Today, I watch you on TV. It seems to be nice that you are eager to teach English to your students vogorously. I want to be on the eflclassroom everyday, and I like to decorate my page. I do eagerly in cafe, in cyworld or various hompages but it’s not easy to particpate in the cyber activities in English. It’s not easy but I will try to do. Always thank you. Nowadays


Hey David, This is such a fantastic site, I’m so glad you created it! I really appreciate your warm welcome and I hope to contribute as well! :)

Ellen Pham

David, what has been created here in the last 9 months is amazing- flabbergastingly amazing. Don’t burn out, just keep pushing EFL members to take over some of the responsibilities of maintaining the site :) Thanks again for all your help, Ellen

Ana Lopez Pozo

Hi David, Thanks for your feedback. I hope my blog on phonetics will be of some help to teachers and students. I’m aware it’s not the most attractive of fields when teaching or learning it, but I enjoy the challenge. Great site!


Hi David! thanks for your warm welcome! Your space is impresive, there’s lots of material! I’m going to share this with the 7th and 8th form teachers in my school.