Publishing Coming Soon!

publisherWe will soon be allowing ELT teachers around the world to become publishers here on EFL 2.0 Digital Downloads.

You’ll get your own profile page and a store page where your products can be found and displayed. Submissions will be approved by staff to ensure quality. Free and paid products accepted.

Why become a publisher on EFL 2.0 Digital Downloads?

  • Crowdselling works. Collectively we can get more views and purchases.
  • Only 15% commission is taken! Most services take 55-40%.
  • Co-operatives work. We can build community that benefits all of us and helps us grow professionally.

If you are interested in becoming a publisher here, please contact us here or at . We will be up and ready by Sept. 01 and you’ll get an email with details before then.

Not ready to become a publisher but have a website or blog? Why not become an affliate? Details here.

Thank you for your interest in joining us and becoming a publisher!


David Deubelbeiss

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