Websites To Help English Language Teachers

websitesThere are so many websites out there to help English language teachers.  Here are those that we’ve developed to help teachers gain knowledge, learn about teaching and connect with fellow teachers.

1. EFL Classroom 2.0:   Our parent site.  30,000 active members and loads of content, advice and resources for you.  Purchase Supporter access here for full use.  Visit the blogs for articles related to teaching.  The video library is second to none with handpicked videos specially related to teaching English – so many gems!   Especially see the Teacher Training page. 

2. ELT Professionals Around The World:   A LinkedIn group with thousands of teachers from around the world. Very active discussions on many topics. Discussions range from the very practical, the theoretical to those job related. The perfect place to get advice and network.

3. EnglishCentral:   The perfect site if you want to help your students better their oral language skills and prepare them for the 21st century workplace.  Students study video lessons and Watch | Learn | Speak authentic videos.  They get instant feedback on their speech. Teachers get a free trial and can make a school and class pages using the Learning Management System. Provide 50 students with one month Premium access, assign video lessons/courses and track student achievement. Get more info. on how to use as a teacher on the Academic Use page.

4.  Teaching Recipes:   A favorite of teachers.  Simple teaching ideas shared by teachers around the world. Search, click on a tag and get an idea on a topic you are teaching.

5.  The School Of TEFL:   This community site for the teachers who are studying at The School Of TEFL has loads of ideas for teachers. Browse and watch presentations related to teaching.

6.  ELT Blog Carnival:   Now 7 years old, the blog carnival is held every 2nd month and highlights a blog and the best blog posts about teaching English around the web. Submit a blog post of your own or host the Blog Carnival (if you have a blog).  Also see the related ELTChat for bloggers talking about teaching on twitter every Wednesday.