We’re open for business!

blastoffI’ve been involved in creating materials for language teachers for over 20 years. I just love making a great product and even more so, sharing it with teachers around the world!

me_reasonably_small.jpgSo I’m happy to put my name, time and energy into this online Digital Resources store.

Happy to welcome teachers to get both free and paid materials here and support fellow teachers – “teachers helping teachers”. Happy to invite teachers that have some great materials to share, to sell them here. Happy to welcome fellow bloggers and ELT professionals to let others know about us and get paid as an affiliate. Happy to build a product that will benefit all teachers.

I’ll be adding materials daily to get ready for an official launch in September. So take a look around, the site, is easy to use. View previews, select checkout and get the links for the product you purchased instantly via email and also your own purchase page here. I’ll be adding full sets of tutorials soon under the “About” tab.

Thanking you for your support,

David Deubelbeiss
Founder: EFL Classroom 2.0

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