Where In The World Is Matt

Where in the world is Matt? This video reviews countries and is really fun for students.

Resources You Get
* World Map Handout
* Flags of the world game PPT
* Where in the world PPT (low)
* Where in the world is Matt? video downloads (.flv)
* Where is it? worksheet activity

1. Warm up — Show the students one of the “Where the hell is Matt? ” videos. Pause the video and have a student ask others – “Where “the hell” is Matt?”  Or even dance with Matt!

2. Activity. – Write some names of countries on the board. Describe a country using the target language of the handout. Students guess which country is being described. Once guessed, cross off the list. Continue with students playing each other in 3s, competing using the handout.Also use this What the Wordle Countries game! Or quiz with the  FLAG quiz presentation included.

3. Warm Down. Play another Matt video and travel the world. Student use the map included to point out to the group where exactly Matt is.
Finally, in pairs, students can play using the Which country is it? handout.


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