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Best ELT Videos

All the best Youtube videos for teaching English, in a click and view format. Hundreds at your fingertips. Plus download the best videos to play offline while teaching.

Hours have been spent culling and testing these videos and commercials in the classroom. They really work and are a gold mine for any teacher using multimedia resources in the classroom. You will be amazed and this will make any teacher’s life much easier. Everything at your fingertips. Just click and go to the video.

Also included is a list of the best commercials for use in the ELT Classroom with example activities. Further, the Using Video In The Classroom guide with advice on how to use video in the classroom. Finally, a list of all the best and recommended websites for teaching both adults and young learners.

Resources You Get
* Best Videos presentation
* Best Commercials list
* Using Video guidebook
* Youtube in the classroom ebook
* Video downloadables (100s of the best) mp4
* ELT Video teaching/learning revolution PPT





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