Get Talking: Chunks

These 25 lessons focus on “chunks” lexical strings that express a meaning and function. They will really get students speaking and use the lesson delivery recommended in the instructions. This article is a nice read about how essential it is for students to learn language chunks.

Students in pairs or small groups work together. One uses the language prompt provided and the other(s) must respond using the language chunk. Continue and try to do the exercise without the prompts visible.

Resources You Get
* Get Talking handouts PDF
* Get TALKing PPT
* Conversation chunk starters list (pdf)

Ex. Student A: Who discovered America (prompt)
Student B: It’s slipped my mind. (chunk)
Student B: What’s the highest mountain in S. America? (prompt)
Student A: I haven’t a clue. (chunk)

This powerpoint can be fully edited by the teacher to provide prompts contextual and at the right level for his/her students. This is a short sample of the full presentation/materials you get. Also take a look at the EnglishCentral language function videos I curated and the workbook for them.


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