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Pass The Paper

Our most popular game. Language prompts, fun music. Dozens of presentations for all levels. A student favorite! Get all 16 games.

Students form groups and pass around a piece of paper as the music plays. Whoever has the paper when the music stops, must do what the slide says…. Continue playing. ¬†Easy to set the slides to advance at a set rate or make it more random by clicking yourself (or have a student control this)

Really easy and a great motivational tool to get students speaking and forgetting that big “affective filter”! You also can use it with your own material and just edit the questions/prompts and use the ppts as a template. Try this example icbreaker presentation before purchasing – Ask A Question.

See my full blog post about the game HERE.

Resources You Get
* All 16 Pass the Paper PPT games
* All 16 PTP games (flash)
* Just Do It Pass The Paper
* Crazy Questions Pass The Paper example

Finish It Off! – PTP game (full screen)


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