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Printables Galore!

I’ve been designing lesson materials for a long time. Now, they are all available to paid members and on Gif Lingua. (each printable is actually many PDFs supporting each book on Gif Lingua).  This will help us cover our costs to keep the community serving teachers and education. View the read only google drive version.

Purchase with a Gif Lingua account  on Gif Lingua (you’ll get a download button for each printable related to a book) or here to download the printables and have an instant access  and a  complete resource library. Upon purchase here, you’ll get a pdf with a link to access the online printable library.

Each printable you see contains several or dozens of pages of expertly designed and edited materials – choose which will work with your class and teaching style. 1,000s of resources and an instant teacher resource library. Lifetime access.

Download and print when you want.   View what you get. (non – google drive but view the read only access google drive)


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