Top 50 Lists

These lists are the fruit of my knowledge gleaned over 25 years of teaching and teacher training. Loads and loads of ideas, recipes, instant lessons and professional development that is current and up to date.

Each item on the list has a link to an example or a resource. Award winning and acclaimed series used and referenced by tens of thousands of teachers. A must for any teacher toolkit. Get each list in PDF.


  • 50 Ways to use video in the classroom
  • 50 Things to do the first week of school
  • 50 Ways to use EFL Classroom 2.0
  • 50 Ways to use music and song
  • 50 Tasks for the ELT Classroom
  • 50 Tech Tasks for the ELT Classroom
  • 50 tasks for Tired Teachers
  • 50 Ways to teach with a blank piece of paper
  • 50 Holiday Activities for the ELT Classroom
  • 50 Ways to co-teach
  • 50 Professional Development Ideas for teachers
  • 50 Best Practices For Language Teachers¬†
  • 50 Quotes to Inspire Teachers
  • 50 Timeless Quotes to Inspire Teachers
  • 50 Ways to use EnglishCentral


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